Realtor vs Investor

Megan and Michael Bradshaw REALTORS®
Published on January 30, 2020

Realtor vs Investor

Have you seen a sign like the one below?  Have you considered calling it?  We would like to talk to you about why you should consider talking to a Realtor, as opposed to an Investor.

Realtor vs Investor: Who is focused on who?

When you use a Realtor, you are hiring an advocate.  They represent you!  Their sole focus is to help get you the best possible terms of the transaction for the benefit of you and your family.
If you call an investor, they don’t represent you.  Their sole focus is how much profit they can make from your house.  They’re looking out for their best interest.

Realtor vs Investor: What type of offers could you expect on your house?

When you use a Realtor, you’re hiring a professional that knows how best to value your property.  Our ability to market, price and stage a house is what will garner the most interest possible for potential buyers.  Attracting the most interest that will produce competing offers is what will bring you the best price.

If you call the number on the sign, you will only be getting 1 offer.  This will most likely be the lowest offer possible on your house.  It is important to know, what an investor will pay for your house IS NOT THE VALUE OF YOUR HOUSE!

Example: Let’s say your house is valued at $200k.
An investor will most likely give you $150k MAX

Using an investor might be quick and easy, but at what cost to you?  In the example above, you would be forfeiting $50k of potential value.  We believe that you should retain as much of this value as possible because as Realtors, our interest is your best interest.

Realtor vs Investor: Beyond Price.

Sometimes it is not just about price, but terms of the transaction that is important.  What if you needed more time to move?  How will repairs be handled?  Who is going to pay for the title policy?  These are all terms that a Realtor negotiates for your best benefit.

It will be difficult to imagine that an investor would be as accommodating to those same terms when they’re looking for the best deal to suit their own needs.

In summary, we understand that it can feel overwhelming, or perhaps even embarrassing not knowing where to turn…it’s scary!  But know this, it’s only scary to you, not to us.  We’ve seen, been through and helped people overcome all of these obstacles every day! Contact us and let’s chat about how we can best serve you.

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